Our 2015 myMETRO Researchers

Our 2015 myMETRO Researchers projects are now underway. This year, we’ll provide research support to four projects in total: two group projects and two projects conducted independently. We’re looking forward to hearing more from our researchers as their projects proceed.

Preservation in Practice: A Survey of NYC Academics Engaged in Digital Humanities
Allison Piazza (proposal author), Nik Dragovic, Hannah Silverman, Malina Thiede

This team will conduct a survey of NYC researchers engaged in digital scholarship, highlighting the unique concerns of preservation of born-digital projects. They will interview a wide range of professionals to determine the current climate of this issue.

Proposal for a Hudson Yards/Hell's Kitchen Community Library
Pauline Rothstein (proposal author), Ellen Locker, Elizabeth Willse, Brigid Cahalan, Adriana Palmer, Regina Houghteling

This team will prepare a proposal to fund such a new community library for the growing Hudson Yards neighborhood. Their project will include demographic research, stakeholder engagement, space planning, and promotion of the proposal.

Artist's Books in New York City: Access to Book Arts Collections
Roberta Brody

Roberta will create a directory of library collections in NYC containing artist's books. Her project will identify policy, collection, and access issues and explore how they are balanced with aesthetic and curatorial considerations.

Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy: Academic Libraries address the new challenges of the 21st Century
Judith Schwartz

Judith will survey academic librarians on their inclusion of visual literacy in library information literacy classes. Her final deliverable will review best practice for use of ACRL's Standards for Teaching Visual Literacy

For more about the myMETRO Researchers Project, take a look at the project page on metro.org.