Our 2014 Year In Review

by Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO

2014 has been a year of incredible growth at METRO. In the first half of the year, we hired a team of three to head up the Empire State Digital Network, a hub of DPLA that’s stationed here in our office. In March, we launched the New York-based National Digital Stewardship Residency. That initiative helped us gain two colleagues and five recent graduates who have been hard at work with their host institutions since September.

We’re proud to say that both of these programs reflect METRO’s commitment to access to information through online collections and safeguarded digital items.


In keeping with these goals, we were able to expand our Wikipedia trainings to cultural institutions beyond our membership through a Project and Event Grant from the Wikimedia Foundation, and we released The Global Librarian and Digitization in the Real World via Creative Commons 3.0 licenses. Our digitization grant program provided funding for ten digital projects within our membership. We’re looking forward to unveiling a new platform for these collections in the New Year.

We redoubled our commitment to future leaders in our profession by funding six internships and worked closely with three myMETRO members to produce high-level research in library-related issues through our myMETRO Researchers program. And we continue to work in service to all of our members by providing a forum to connect around issues central to your work through our Special Interest Groups, as well as the 100-plus trainings and workshops we hold each and every year.

2015 kicks off in a big way with METRO’s Annual Conference at Baruch College on January 15th. We’re thrilled to offer a space for our members to present their innovative projects, and we hope our conference will serve as a catalyst for many fruitful partnerships in 2015.

Happy Holidays from your staff at METRO! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.