Omeka Workshop Series at METRO Next Month

Next month, METRO is excited to welcome Omeka development team manager Patrick Murray-John for a series of workshops sure to better acquaint you with this popular content management system.  From beginners looking to set up a hosted collection to experienced web designers looking for more customization, professionals of all levels will gain valuable insight into Omeka.

Introduction to Omeka
Thurs, July 12th, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
This will be an overall introduction to using Omeka to publish your cultural heritage objects on the web.  We'll cover the basics of how web publishing systems work, and where Omeka fits in that ecosystem, especially in comparison to WordPress and Drupal.  We will look at how to add content, files, and metadata to an Omeka site, as well as nuances of item types.  We will also look at some basics of site-building with tags, collections, and the exhibit builder plugin.  No technical or design skills are needed to participate fully in this workshop.
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Introduction to Theming with Omeka
Thurs, July 12th 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
We will look at the overall structure of Omeka themes, from the default templates to the best practices for developing your own themes for Omeka.  This will be very hands-on, with activities to show how to override default templates, customize CSS and PHP, and write completely new template pages.  Some experience with PHP and/or designing themes (e.g., for WordPress or Drupal) will be helpful, but not necessary.  This session will be valuable to newbie hackers up to experienced designers.
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Introduction to Omeka Plugins
Thurs, July 12th 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
We'll cover the basic Omeka plugin structure and common techniques for creating plugins to accomplish various kinds of tasks.  This includes an introduction to the Model-View-Controller pattern, and how it is implemented in Omeka, as well as an introduction to Omeka's hooks and filters systems.  The primary audience is people with some experience with PHP, especially Object-Oriented PHP, but the session will also be helpful to people who are beginners to coding in PHP and are curious about typical structures and paradigms for hacking on an Omeka installation.
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Please contact Laura Forshay at with any questions.