OCLC's "Libraries at Webscale" Comes to METRO

On Monday, April 23rd, METRO invites you to attend a special workshop on recent research from OCLC.  "Libraries and Patrons at Webscale: The Future is Now" will give attendees an opportunity to discuss the reserch findings on libraries moving to webscale, who the non-library players are in the webscale environment, and why it’s important that libraries embrace webscale to remain competitive

Join us for this interactive session to hear highlights from OCLC's recent research (including Libraries at WebscalePerceptions of Libraries) that explores today's increasingly empowered information consumer.  We'll examine the impact of the Web on our rapidly changing information landscape and present ideas from technology thought leaders.  We'll aslo break into discussions to explore our own experiences and interpretations of OCLC's data and the thought leaders, and reconvene to compare notes about what this means for technology, services, and outreach.  Together we'll consider: what are the needs of tomorrow's patron?  Can we further leverage Webscale to create tools to enhance discovery of information?  How do libarary patrons interact when information lives at Webscale, served up by the "Gang of Four" (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon)?  How do libarraies take their rightful place at Webscale?  How should libararies best pursue meaningful innovation?

There is no fee to attend this workshop, but registration is required.  Please sign up to attend at http://registration.oclc.org/reg/?pc=metro.

Carole Myles
Author: Carole Myles