New Year, New Special Interest Group

by Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO

METRO's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are created on an as-needed basis around topics of interest to our membership. Led by subject experts in the field, SIGs help our members get to know one another while diving in to a topic of immediate relevance to the profession.

We're currently thinking about forming a SIG focused on promoting the library to users new and seasoned. Here's a brief description of this SIG from co-conveners Mark Aaron Polger and Jenna Freedman:

"The Outreach and Advocacy Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide a discussion forum for librarians who are charged with developing promotional strategies for their libraries, archives, and information centers. This SIG will discuss innovative methods to advocate for programs, services, and staff.

Topics of discussion may include developing outreach goals, establishing your library's identity, creating a successful library campaign from start to finish, lemonading a library disaster into something positive, developing assessment tools to conduct community analysis, building partnership, and crafting visual materials."

Please consider supporting the formation of the Outreach and Advocacy SIG by signing this petition. If you'd like to participate, please indicate that on the petition as well. Thank you!