New Initiative Provides Essential Preservation Assistance for New York Cultural Heritage


As part of a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the Greater Hudson Heritage Network has created a website with tools to help cultural heritage institutions provide the highest level of care to New York State's collections. The site, Connecting New York's Collections (, acts as a hub for best practices on preserving multi-faceted collections, addressing preservation standards for paper-based materials, photographs, digital materials, and historic objects.

The website is a response to the findings of an IMLS study entitled A Public Trust at Risk: The heritage health index report on the state of America's collections, which estimates that nearly 190 million objects in U.S. collections are at risk of damage because of improper environmental conditions and storage. provides training for individuals working with cultural heritage collections through a series of webinars: Protecting Cultural Collections, Environmental Monitoring and Control, Care and Storage of Historic Collections, and Preservation of Digital Collections. The site also features a clearing house for tutorials on preserving materials and information on disaster preparedness plans.

Connecting to New York's Collections also offers a Circuit Riders program in which collecting institutions that are open to the public can apply for on-site training sessions and high level recommendations from professionals versed in conservation and collection management.

Metropolitan New York Library Council is pleased to serve as a partner for this innovative program alongside its fellow NY3Rs institutions. It is anticipated that Connecting New York’s Collections will reach approximately 5,000 cultural heritage institutions in New York through October 31, 2014.