New SIGs at METRO: Show Your Support

by Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO

Our Special Interest Group program brings librarians and archivists together to discuss topics near and dear to the profession. Our SIGs are community-driven, and we seek input from you, our members, when the time comes to on-board a new group.

We're thinking about expanding our program to add interest groups on web archiving and social justice. If you're interested in supporting these groups with your participation on their discussion lists and at their events, kindly add your name to their petitions.

Web Archiving Special Interest Group
METRO's Web Archiving Special Interest Group, convened by Sumitra Duncan and Anna Perricci, is an inclusive group designed to facilitate growth in the communities forming around initiatives to preserve websites and other online resources. We seek to support professionals in libraries, archives and museums engaged in web archiving, as well as students and others new to the field. With meetings and presentations held throughout the year we will provide a venue for professional development and a forum for open discussion of common interest.

If you're interested in participating in the Web Archiving SIG, sign here.

Social Justice Special Interest Group
Convened by Melissa Morrone and Cynthia Tobar, METRO's Social Justice Special Interest Group (SIG) welcomes all librarians, archivists, and other information professionals who are interested in activities on community-centered activism, social movements, and outreach. Through meetings, presentations, discussion groups, and other events, we will reflect on and rethink the intersections of libraries and archives with social justice struggles. Some questions we will explore include: How do the ways we preserve, analyze, document and mobilize our collections, instruction, and services connect with the work of community activists in their fights for racial, economic, and gender justice? What does it mean to have a commitment to social justice in our profession and practice? How does librarianship embrace, challenge, or hinder various forms of access to information, documentation, and archives?

If you'd like to join the Social Justice SIG, sign here.


METRO has dozens of SIGs that meet on a regular basis. For more info, check out our Special Interest Groups page.