New Report Focuses on Collaboration for Libraries, Archives Across New York State

In a project commissioned by the NY 3Rs Association, the New York Information Infrastrucutre (I2NY) initiative has been working to create a framework that "pulls together the information components that comprise library services into a cohesive infrastructure." 

I2NY was established by NY 3Rs in 2012 as part of an overarching mission to "ensure that all New Yorkers have seamless, unfettered, and affordable access to information." To determine a course of action to meet these goals, leaders of the I2NY project hosted a summit on institutional collaboration, carried out a web-based survey, and invited feedback from librarians in multiple focus groups. 

“The I2NY Report reflects our assessment of the current conditions for collaboration and shared project management among libraries in the state,” stated Kathleen Miller, Chair of the NY 3Rs Association.

The official press release for the project summarizes the urgency for library and archives collaboration, and encourages creative diligence in identifying and seizing opportunities: 

Like many others throughout the country, New York libraries have been tasked with providing more essential services with fewer financial resources -- an equation that is clearly unsustainable. Instead, libraries must focus on doing more with more, building on existing collaborations and developing new ones, removing barriers to cooperation, and proving that working together ultimately improves the services provided to constituent communities.

The findings from this research have been combined in a Final Report, available now in complete and condensed versions. Considered a starting point for collaborative action involving all libraries and library systems across New York, the report's findings will be implemented by working groups who will work to establish immediate access to electronic materials, develop collaborative policies for libraries across the state, and provide career development opportunities to enure that New York State libraries can count on staff who are versed in new technologies.

Download the Condensed Edition of the I2NY Final Report.

Download the Complete Edition of the I2NY Final Report (includes appendices).

About I2NY:

I2NY.pngIn 2012, The New York 3Rs Association, Inc. engaged Tom Clareson, Senior Consultant for Digital and Preservation Services, LYRASIS, to work with library leaders throughout the state in the development of the “I2NY” project, formulating an Information Infrastructure for the State of New York. Clareson and a NY 3Rs Association Planning Committee designed a program that included a Summit on library and archival collaboration, a web survey on current trends and future needs of libraries and archives, and a series of meetings with leaders from the state’s library and archival community to gather and synthesize information for the development of a new collaborative framework for library and archival innovation and service delivery in New York.

About NY 3Rs:

NY3Rs.pngNY 3Rs Association, Inc. comprises nine Reference and Research Library Resources in New York State, including the Metropolitan New York Library Council. Members of the nine NY 3Rs include both individual libraries – academic, special, hospital libraries, and public libraries – and other library systems. Additionally, all the public and school library systems in the state are members of their regional NY 3Rs. The mission of NY 3Rs Association, Inc. is to ensure and support interlibrary sharing of resources – print and electronic – among all kinds of libraries and to ensure equal access to information for all New Yorkers.