New Event: OpenRefine for Digital Collection Management

The following event was recently added to METRO’s Professional Development calendar.

Tools for Managing Digital Collections: OpenRefine
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 – 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM 


Messy, inconsistent metadata makes collection management tasks tremendously challenging, yet they are unfortunately the reality for nearly all of us. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of using OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine), "a free, open source power tool for working with messy data" to analyze, normalize, and clean up collections datasets. Participants will walk through several practical exercises using sample collections metadata that will provide an introduction to OpenRefine's features and start on the path toward data cleanup at their home institutions. Advanced OpenRefine topics, such as reconciliation of datasets against Freebase and other external datasets and web services will be discussed briefly, but not in any depth. This is an introductory workshop, ideal for those who are new to OpenRefine and are interested in exploring it's simple yet powerful features.

The Tools for Digital Collections series is a set of shorter, low-cost workshops that teach specific tips and tricks for managing digital content. They are presented as part of METRO's Keeping Collections project. For more information and future workshops, visit the project's training information page.

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Laura Forshay
Author: Laura Forshay