NDSA Announces Inaugural Publication of the National Agenda for Digital Stewardship


nationalagenda.pngThe National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), a membership organization founded in 2010 for institutions with digital stewardship responsibilities, has announced the release of the first-ever National Agenda for Digital Stewardship. 

A press release from the NDSA states that the National Agenda will be published annually to "highlight emerging technological trends, identify gaps in digital stewardship capacity, and provide funders and decision-makers with insight into the work needed to ensure that today's valuable digital content remains accessible and comprehensible in the future, supporting a thriving economy, a robust democracy, and a rich cultural heritage."

The publication will also identify areas in which institutions with digital stewardship programs should invest, including training and staffing, integration of digital forensics tools into stewardship workflows, and research into interoperability and portability of storage architectures. To promote the National Agenda throughout 2014, the NDSA will "explore education and collaborative opportunities with all interested parties."

The release of the National Agenda coincides with the 2013 Digital Preservation Meeting in Washington, D.C. Among other notable presenters at this meeting, METRO Strategic Initiatives Manager Jefferson Bailey will speak on the topic of NDSR - NY, METRO's grant-winning project to support continuing education in the field of digital stewardship. 

To download a free copy of the National Agenda for Digital Stewardship, click here.