METRO Welcomes New Members

METRO extends a warm welcome to our three newest members: Micro Tech Training Center, the Frances Mulhill Achilles Library at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education.

Micro Tech Training Center trains students in a range of professional programs, including criminal justice, massage therapy, ultrasound and patient care technician, and medical billing and assistantship. Micro Tech offers classes in Belleville and Jersey City, New Jersey, with libraries at both campuses. The main Library in Belleville has about 3,500 volumes and 6 computers; the Library Annex at the Jersey City Campus has a smaller collection of books and multimedia materials to support the center’s degree programs. Title and Subject Referral Cards are accepted. The Library Director, Susan Van Alstyne, can be reached at 973-751-9051 or at:

The Whitney Museum’s Frances Mulhill Achilles Library concentrates on contemporary American art. The 50,000-volume collection includes special collections of exhibition catalogs; dedicated files for artists, posters, and exhibitions; and collections on specific artists, including Edward Hopper and Floyd Gentry. The library, which is open to museum staff and serious researchers by appointment, is also charged with processing archival materials from Whitney exhibitions and biennials. Title and Subject Referral Cards are accepted. Carol Rusk is the Irma and Benjamin Weiss Librarian and can be reached at 212-570-3649 or at

The recently renovated library at the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education offers users a new references services desk and ample room to study. The collection focuses on resources for educators to teach students about the arts—namely, dance, theater, music, visual arts, architecture, and film. Two-thirds of the collection consists of print material, with the remainder being audio and video materials documenting different stagings of specific works. The collection is open to institute staff and teaching artists, and to researchers by appointment. Linda Miles, Assistant Director, RTD, can be reached at 212-875-5771 or at .

To learn more about these and other METRO members, check out our Member Directory.

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