METRO To Co-Sponsor Workshop on Rare Books in the Digital Era

by Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO

We are honored to join American Jewish Historical Society and Center for Jewish History in support of Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)’s two-day rare books workshop at The Center for Jewish History.

The Next Chapter: Rare Books in Modern Times will take place on Tuesday, October 27 and Wednesday, October 28. Here’s the session description, per the CCAHA website:

"Millions of books are contained in 21st-century libraries, museums, archives, and special collections. Those defined as rare may be historically significant, scarce, unusual or innovative in format, or otherwise unique. The evolution from handwritten text to printed volume and digital page is indicative of cultural and intellectual growth and parallels improvements in the use and care of books. The book in modern times is a source of knowledge and a work of art. This two-day program will explore the definition of the rare book within the context of its physical history and current preservation concerns. Presenters will also address ways to engage the public with rare book collections in conservation work and exhibition planning."

METRO members are invited to attend this event for $225 for the full two days (a discount from the non-member fee of $250.)

For more information, visit the CCAHA’s event page.