METRO Membership Directory Available for Download & Print

As you know, METRO enjoys a membership of more than 1,200 public, academic, medical and other libraries, making it the largest of New York's 3R's and one of the largest library service organizations in the world. To keep our diverse member libraries connected to us and to each other, METRO maintains an online directory that offers detailed information about every one of our member institutions. Regularly updated and always accessible, METRO's online directory has proven to be a uniquely valuable resource for all members.

While Internet access is by far the most widely used option to access information about METRO members, in many cases users prefer to access a printed version.  For situations in which a printed version of the directory is preferable, METRO has created a portable document format (PDF) directory that can be easily downloaded and printed. 

The PDF directory contains most of the same information as the online version, including important information related to referral cards, photocopy privileges for METRO members, delivery program participation, staff contact information and more. Users should note, however, that unlike to the online directory, which instantly reflects changes in member profiles, the PDF directory will be updated about every two months.

For questions related to the directories or to make changes to your organization's profile, please contact Robert Schmidt at (212) 228-2320 ext. 14 or

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