METRO Members Get 50% Off at ACA Workshop: The Smart Library

METRO members are eligible for a 50% discount at ACA Workshop: The Smart Library. 

On Thursday, November 3rd, 9:30a - 4:00p at Steelcase in New York City, The Smart Library workshop will include a dialogue about the digital library and physical services.

Join the discussion on how library services are evolving in public, academic and research settings. This event will be a full day of analysis concerning the future of libraries and will be facilitated by professionals who will chart innovative concepts. Participants will learn how to plan library functions and create learning spaces that improve behavior.

The cost of the workshop is usually $295.00. The 50% METRO member discount brings workshop fees down to $147.00. Register here.

Reach out to Alex Cohen at aca2015 [at] acohen [dot] com with your questions.