Copyright and Fair Use Webinar with METRO, Dec 14

Librarians have long played a key role in protecting and advocating on behalf of users' rights.  However, as calls for digitization and open access increase, a knowledge of copyright law has become a vital skill for all librarians.  In addition, we must take into account the current court cases and decisions being handed down regarding fair use.  Now more than ever, our understanding of copyright's basic principles and recent developments are crucial in providing effective service to our communities.

Join METRO online for a 2-hour webinar aimed at answering the questions you have about copyright and fair use in libraries.  Instructor Rachel Bridgewater will also lead participants in a review of recent legal decisions and how they impact our daily work.

Copyright touches the work of most people who work in libraries in one way or another.  Many library staff feel uncertain about the law as it applies to their work or nervous about overstepping the boundaries of the law.  This session will review copyright basics as they apply to libraries, focusing especially on fair use.Much of the session will be dedicated to reviewing recent fair use decisions and developments including the Georgia State University reserves case, the HathiTrust decision, and the ARL Code of Best Practices for Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries.  We will also examine the role of librarians in advocating for copyright laws that reflect professional values.

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