METRO Connects Its Members With Shelf2Life Digitization Service

METRO Connects Its Members With Shelf2Life Digitization Service

METRO is pleased to announce an important new collaboration with BCR to provide our members with convenient access to Shelf2Life. This unique service enables METRO member libraries to make their book collections widely available in digital format without the expense of equipment and significant staff time. There is no cost to participate.

METRO is the first library consortium to team up with BCR to facilitate access to this far-reaching digitization initiative. BCR—a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring libraries together for greater success by expanding their knowledge, reach, and power—has designed Shelf2Life to minimize cost while providing electronic access to collections.

Among its many benefits, Shelf2Life can:

  • Make your books readily available in a print-on-demand format whereby your institution receives royalties for every copy purchased;
  • Help you digitize your pre-1923 U.S. book collections, creating print-on-demand for consumers and eBooks for library users; and
  • Greatly increase the visibility of and access to your collection.

To learn more, visit the Shelf2Life web page and view the video demo. For details on participating, contact Jason Kucsma, Emerging Technologies Manager, at: or (212) 228-2320 Ext 23.

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