METRO, AVPreserve Release Audiovisual Cataloging & Reporting Tool

METRO and AVPreserve join in announcing the Beta release of the AVCC Cataloging Tool and Reporting Modules released as past of METRO's Keeping Collections Project

The AVCC Cataloging Toolkit is a set of guidelines and forms to help organizations catalog their audio, video, and film collections quickly and efficiently with the goal of creating a minimal dataset that will help uncover hidden collections and assist in preservation planning. Each module includes individualized data entry forms and reports that quantify information such as format types, base types, target format sizes, and other data critical to prioritizing and planning preservation work with audiovisual materials.



As AVPreserve's press release states, "AVCC establishes a minimal set of required and recommended fields for basic intellectual control that are not entirely dependent on playback and labeling, along with deeper descriptive fields that can be enhanced as content becomes accessible. The focus of of AVCC is two-fold: to uncover hidden collections via record creation and to support preservation reformatting in order to enable access to the content itself."

More information and a request form for access to your own module is available through the Keeping Collections website. The AVCC forms are currently available in Google Docs and include controlled fields for capturing data. The data feeds into a series of reports (also provided) that quantify the collection for analysis and prioritization.

The development of a more stable web-based database utility is anticipated for release in early 2014, and the development team welcomes your feedback in testing this current version. If you have any questions, bug reports, or need technical help, please contact Joshua Ranger via the AVCC or contact forms.