METRO Announces New Round of Funding For Internet Archive Digitization Micro-Grants

METRO is pleased to announce that we have received an award under the Library Services and Technology Act and The New York State Library to fund a new round of Internet Archive digitization projects. METRO awarded an initial round of micro-grants earlier this year under a pilot program funded through a previous LSTA initiative. Two of the projects funded by METRO under the pilot are now complete, while several others are still in progress.

The new program will once again subsidize the digitization of materials in METRO library collections focused on metropolitan New York history and culture. Micro-grant awards in the amount of $3000-$5000 will be deposited with Internet Archive in the name of the library receiving the grant. Funds will cover digitization costs only (the library will be responsible for the costs of shipping materials to Internet Archive’s scanning facility in New Jersey).

METRO would like to invite libraries interested in participating to submit a letter of interest (not to exceed 1000 words) explaining:

  • The collection of resources the library is interested in digitizing, including approximate number and type of materials
  • The educational, cultural, and/or historical significance of the collection
  • Copyright status of the materials
  • How the library will provide access to the materials once digitized
  • The library's financial and staffing commitment to its portion of the project
  • Any prior experience digitizing materials through Internet Archive*

For more information on Internet Archive’s digitization services, please see "Digitizing Print Collections with the Internet Archive" as well as their Partner Scanning Page.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Eligibility is limited to METRO member organizations located in New York City and Westchester County.

Materials digitized must be made freely available online (must be in the public domain, or organization must demonstrate the right to make the materials. available)

Awards will be in the amount of $3000-$5000 each.

Awards will be announced by November 15, 2012.

Libraries must be committed to begin projects by the beginning of 2013 and have them completed no later than June 2013.

Project proposals will be reviewed by METRO staff and a minimum of 5 projects will be chosen. The letter of interest should be co-signed by an authorized administrator at the library and/or the project manager and emailed to Anne Karle-Zenith ( The deadline for letters of interest is October 30, 2012.


*Libraries that have not yet worked with Internet Archive are encouraged to select collections of printed monographs (i.e., books, pamphlets) in good condition. If possible, avoid fragile materials (volumes will need to lay flat on scanning bed) and foldouts. Serial runs are also not recommended for first time partners.