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You may have heard it said that our digital collections are only as good as the metadata used to describe them. Now more than ever, digital resources are changing the way information is retrieved, and consequently, the way libraries work. It is essential to build and maintain strong metadata standards in order to ensure that digital resources are still accessible for years to come. This May, METRO is pleased to present a series of workshops aimed at providing more tools for your metadata toolkit.

On May 3rd and 4th, Introduction to Metadata for Digital Collections with instructor Dr. Marcia Zeng will kick off the series by examining the role of metadata in the digital environment. The main focuses of this two-day course will be given to the applications of metadata standards for distinct domains and information communities, and to the creation of application profiles according to local needs. For more information or to register, please visit http://www.metro.org/en/cev/45.

Later, on May 5th, we will step deeper into the world of metadata with a new workshop, Enriching Metadata Services through Linked Data. As instructor Dr. Marcia Zeng explains, “The Linked Data movement is about using the Web to connect related data formerly isolated in small or large repositories (often called ‘silos’) and not previously linked. Linked Data is also about using the Web to lower the barriers to linking data currently linked using other methods.” With the potential to integrate metadata across the Web, Linked Data can enhance services and increase accessibility. Attendees will explore the principles, concepts, and potential usage of Linked Data in libraries of all sizes. Visit http://www.metro.org/en/cev/46 for more information and registration.

Our examination of metadata concludes the following week on May 9th with another new workshop, VRA Core: An Introduction to Metadata for Cultural Materials. Instructor Elisa Lanzi will discuss the benefits of using the VRA Core as a metadata standard for describing images and works of art and culture. This workshop will introduce participants to the major aspects of VRA Core, including the basic element set, the use of authorities and controlled vocabularies, and the VRA Core schema for sharable metadata. Interested cataloguers and collection managers can learn more and register at http://www.metro.org/en/cev/61.

Whether you are new to metadata or looking to enhance your existing skills, this series will offer a chance to interact with your colleagues on a growing topic. We look forward to seeing you at METRO!

Please contact Laura Forshay at lforshay@metro.org, 212.228.2320 x10 with any questions.
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