Member Survey Finds METRO “Delivers the Goods”

“Fast, efficient, and dependable.”

 “An efficient, well-managed system that takes the worry out of delivery.”

 “Service is excellent in terms of timely pickup and delivery.”

These are just some of the accolades from participants in our recent member survey on METRO’s Delivery Service, which provides METRO members with courier services at no charge. This service facilitates thousands of interlibrary loans of books, journals, and other materials each year.

Conducted last fall, the survey will guide our ongoing efforts to improve and expand our delivery services. More than 100 METRO members completed the survey, which was designed with guidance from Lori Bowen Ayre, a nationally recognized consultant on delivery and resource-sharing.

The survey results are now being analyzed and program enhancements based on these results will be introduced in the coming months. Highlights of our initial findings include:

  • Nearly 9 out of 10 survey respondents reported being “Satisfied” or “Extremely Satisfied” with METRO's Delivery Service.
  • For interlibrary loan management, over 64% of respondents use OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing, while 22.6% use OCLC Illiad.
  • 21% of the libraries surveyed use Infotrieve’s Ariel for document delivery; 11% use Odyssey; and 5% use Clio.

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Sam Streed
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