METRO Member Spotlight: The Adrian G. Marcuse Library at LIM College

by Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO

Located among the high rises on 45th Street in Manhattan, the Adrian G. Marcuse Library in LIM College’s Maxwell Hall offers a specialized collection of materials on fashion and related business areas to roughly 1,700 students and faculty. Directed by Lou Acierno, a team of five librarians (one of whom doubles as an archivist) teach information literacy courses and provide reference services to students who hope to enter the fashion business environment.

1858-0113.jpgThe college recently celebrated a notable anniversary. “Our 75th year was a great time to look back,” Acierno noted. “LIM College started with a great mission: educate women to work in positions that were not standard in the 1930s and 1940s. The College has had a noble mission from the beginning and continues to provide an excellent education for women and men who’d like to work in the fashion and related industries.”

One of the missions of Acierno’s team is to help students build information-finding skills that will prove useful to them in the long run. In keeping with this goal, the library stocks items ubiquitous to the fashion world, from trend reports to a rich collection of fashion magazines. In their literacy courses, LIM’s librarians ask students to review the same material in print and digital, demonstrating the value of both formats.

Along with a somewhat decentralized campus comes the issue of providing remote reference services. To ensure students receive the same high level of service no matter where they’re located, the library provides a deep list of research guides on their website, and continuously reviews all facets of their online presence. “It’s important that the support and resources for students taking courses online are kept at the same level as person-to-person,” said Acierno.

1858-0139.jpgLIM College librarians and their student workers are currently gearing up to present the fourth annual “Fashion: Now & Then” conference. Started in 2011 by archivist Lisa Ryan, the first-of-its-kind conference unites scholars from across the world to discuss the finer points of fashion research. This year, the conference takes place from October 23 through 25 and celebrates fashion from antiquity to the visionary. Technology in the fashion industry is a major theme. The complete schedule was announced earlier this month, and registration is now open.


Photos provided by Lou Acierno, Director, Adrian G. Marcuse Library