Member Spotlight: Relay Graduate School of Education Library

Formerly known as Teacher U, the newly chartered Relay Graduate School of Education (RGSE) is the first school of its kind credentialed by the New York State Board of Regents in over 80 years. Providing a curriculum that emphasizes the practical over the theoretical, RGSE’s focus is to prepare a new generation of results-focused teachers primed to address the achievement gap crisis existing in low income, urban communities. The program caters to a student body of K-12th grade teachers working full time at various schools in New York City and New Jersey. Classes are offered in multiple locations throughout the metropolitan area with roughly forty percent of the instruction taking place online.

With the founding of RGSE in February 2011 the school officially launched its library. Considering the varied locations of its students and classes, the library primarily maintains an electronic presence, though in-person reference is offered on selected class days. Ninety-nine percent of their materials are available online through an integrated digital library consisting of a diverse collection of journals, newspapers, ebooks and curricular materials for the classroom.  The library also offers email, chat, and phone reference, and has built a complete library course on RGSE’s learning management system to further assist graduate students who may be geographically remote.
Video is an integral component of the RGSE curriculum. The library maintains an internally produced video database, allowing students access to a wide array of videos delivering information in the form of course instructions, tutorials and practice models. The library is in the process of building a digital archive to capture materials created at Teacher U and will next build an archive of RGSE materials.
““Being a part of the METRO community has been tremendous for us – the referral card service provides physical library space around the city for students and faculty to use if needed, and ILL services are used by our staff and faculty.” – Lana Thelen, RGSE College Librarian
Special thanks to Lana Thelen for her input on this Member Spotlight.
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