Meet myMETRO’s 100th Member

METRO’s individual membership program, myMETRO, recently reached a new milestone with the addition of its 100th new member, Herbert M. Fair.

A student at the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College, Fair also volunteers with the New York Public Library’s Correctional Services Unit. There, he is assisting the Correctional Services librarians in updating Connections 2008: A Guide for Formerly Incarcerated People to Information Sources in New York City, published annually by the NYPL.

Says Fair, “I joined myMETRO because it’s geared, in part, toward students and others who have just entered into librarianship. Recently, I attended a myMETRO seminar on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of cover letter writing, which was very informative.”

myMETRO offers valuable services for individuals in the world of library and information services. Consider becoming a member today. For more information, contact Tom Nielsen, Member Services Manager, at: .

Sam Streed
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