Looking Ahead: The Next Six Weeks at METRO

There's still time to take advantage of a number of workshops, special interest group meetings, and more at METRO in April and May. Please read on for more details: 


Vendor Demo: Soutron Global
Thurs, April 19  |  10:00am-12:00pm  |  There is no fee to attend, but registration is required
Soutron Global technology provides timely, efficient and effective enterprise library services.  During this roundtable, Guy St Clair will speak on “The New Knowledge Srvices: Merging KM and Librarianship” and Soutron Global will showcase their innovative and cost effective enterprise library solutions.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/172/.

Site Visit: The New York Botanical Garden
Thurs, April 19  |  2:00pm-4:00pm  |  $10 METRO & myMETRO; $20 Non-Members
Participants will visit the William and Linda Steere Herbarium and learn about plant specimens and the ongoing curation and filing system used to organize them.  The imaging lab is shared with the Mertz Library, which is involved in a number of digitization projects from the Biodiversity Heritage Library Consortium to the Mellon-sponsored Global Plants Initiative and a METRO-funded collaborative project with the Bronx Zoo.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/176/.

Processing Audio and Video Collections
Fri, April 20  |  10:00am-4:00pm  |  $25 METRO, myMETRO & Non-Members
This workshop focuses on the core knowledge and skills you need to process audio and video materials for planning, budgeting, cataloging, access, grant applications, and long-term storage.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/180/.

Libraries and Patrons at Webscale: The Future is Now!
Mon, April 23  |  10:00am-1:00pm  |  There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Join us at METRO for this informal and interactive workshop to hear highlights from OCLC’s recent research that explores today’s increasingly empowered users and students.  We’ll examine the impact of the Web on our rapidly changing information landscape and present ideas from technology thought leaders.
Learn more at http://metro.org/events/188/.

Webinar: Best Practices in Virtual Reference - Virtual Reference in Tough Times
Tues, April 24  |  1:00pm-2:00pm  |  There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
In tough economic times, everything gets a turn on the chopping block.  Make the case for virtual reference to your funding bodies and show them the impact you have online.  Hear what has an impact on funders and learn what features are most valuable to your library.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/183/.

Webinar Screening: Schema.org and Linked Data - Complementary Approaches to Publishing Data
Wed, April 25  |  1:00pm-2:30pm  |  There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Join us at METRO for a screening of this NISO/DCMI webinar.  This session will explore how the publication methods of Schema.org relate to the methods used to publish Linked Data.  Most data providers commit to one or the other, or can the two approaches exist side-by-side, even reinforcing each other?
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/187/.

DIY Usability & User Experience: Is Your Library People Focused?
Thurs, April 26  |  10:00am-1:00pm  |  $25 METRO; $20 myMETRO; $35 Non-Members
In this DIY-style workshop, you will learn how to use people-centered design methods at your library to help you plan coordinate, assess and evaluate your services and processes to ensure that they are cost- and time-efficient.  While you may not have the staff, time, or funding to do a full-fledged library usability and user experience study, together, participants will experience how to use these methods to make small changes for a big impact.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/162/.

Creating Interfaces to Digital Collections with Viewshare
Fri, April 27  |  1:00pm-2:30pm  |  $10 METRO & myMETRO; $20 Non-Members
You will leave this hands-on workshop with everything you need to start using Viewshare - a free, Library-of-Congress-sponsored platform that empowers historians, librarians, archivists and curators to create and customize dynamic interfaces to collections of digital content.  This workshop does not require any particular technical proficiency.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own collection data in excel spreadsheets to experiment with.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/90/.


CONTENTdm Essentials

Tues, May 1  |  10:00am-5:00pm  |  $50 METRO; $35 myMETRO; $75 Non-Members
CONTENTdm is used by thousands of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural heritage organizations to deliver their digitized treasures on to the Web.  Learn what you need to know to use this robust software suite to create searchable and engaging digital collections.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/88/.

Librarian/Vendor Relationships: What Every Librarian Needs to Know When Preparing for a Salesperson’s Visit
Thurs, May 3  |  5:30pm-8:00pm  |  $25 METRO, myMETRO & SLA-NY Members; $40 Non-Members
Instructor Mike Gruenberg, a sales executive with 34 years of experience selling successfully to libraries throughout the world, will review the expectations of both the librarians and salesperson and by doing so will impart knowledge necessary for librarians to have a greater understanding of the sales process and how to be fully prepared for the sales call.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/169/.

Webinar: Thinking of Setting Up Shop?  Let’s Talk!
Wed, May 9  |  12:00-1:30pm  |  $15 METRO, myMETRO & NY3Rs Members; $25 Non-Members
Ulla de Stricker presents highlights from her book “Is Consulting for you?” and outlines a checklist of considerations for anyone considering the possibility of setting up a business to leverage professional skills and experience.  From her 20 years of successful consulting work, Ulla then shares her recommendations for maximizing the chances that you, too, will find being independent a rewarding and fulfilling work and lifestyle.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/91/.

METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Catablogging - Leveraging Blogging Software to Present Your Collections on the Web
Thurs, May 10  |  10:00am-12:00pm  |  $10 METRO, myMETRO & ACRL/NY Members; $25 Non-Members
In this workshop, instructor Chela Weber will use Emma, the catablog of archives and special collections at the Brooklyn Historical Society, as a case study to illustrate how an institution used the WordPress blogging CMS to create a simple and low-cost way to present their collections online.  The workshop will cover basic tools such as themes and plug-ins, and the large body of knowledge shared by the WordPress community, that can be helpful in creating your own implementation.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/178/.

Webinar: “You Want Fries With That?”  Using the Reference Interview to Add Value
Wed, May 16  |  6:00-7:30pm  |  $20 METRO, myMETRO & NY3Rs Members; $30 Non-Members
In this webinar, Mary Ellen Bates will give you the tools to turn the reference interview and other client / patron / stakeholder interactions into a powerful tool for raising their expectations, learning what else you can offer, and becoming a strategic partner.  
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/173/.

Introduction to Photoshop and Digital Imaging
Thurs and Fri,  May 17 & 18  |  10:00am-1:00pm; 10:00 am to 4:00 pm  |  $100 METRO; $90 myMETRO; $150 Non-Members
This workshop will introduce participants to an exemplary imaging workflow and the principles behind image capture and image editing.  Common image editing tools and techniques will be demonstrated using Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom.  Image resolution and file formats will be discussed, including JPEG, TIFF, and RAW with practical examples of each and how they are used in digital archives.  Emphasis will be placed on image quality control routines to ensure productivity and repeatability.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/177/.

Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Thurs, May 24  |  6:00-8:00pm  |  $20 METRO &  myMETRO; $30 Non-Members
Many job hunters view cover letter writing as something to get done as quickly as possible and miss opportunities because they are not putting enough care and effort into it.  During this workshop, instructor Ellen Mehling will teach you how to write an effective, targeted cover letter that makes you stand out from the competition and convinces the reader to take a good look at your resume.
Learn more & register at http://metro.org/events/89/

Upcoming Special Interest Group Meetings:

Science, Technology & Medical Librarians
Mon, April 23 | 2:00-4:30pm |  Learn more & register at:http://metro.org/events/184/

Wed, April 25 | 10am-12pm |  Learn more & register at:http://metro.org/events/143/

Mon, May 21 | 3-5pm |  Learn more & register at: http://metro.org/events/186/