LODLAM 2013 Summit and other LOD-LAM News

Much is afoot in the Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums (LOD-LAM) world.

First, METRO is very excited to announce that it is a linking sponsor of LODLAM Summit 2013, taking place June 19-20, 2013 in lovely Montreal, Quebec. The LODLAM Summit will be a fantastic opportunity for those in the library, archives, and museum world to, as the website says: “catalyze practical, actionable approaches to publishing and consuming Linked Open Data, specifically:

  • Identify the tools and techniques for publishing and working with Linked Open Data.
  • Share, consider and publicize precedents and policy for licensing and copyright considerations regarding the publishing of library, archive, and museum metadata.
  • Share and promote use cases that will give LAM staff the tools they need to begin implementing Linked Open Data in their institutions.”

Below is Jon Voss announcing the LODLAM Summit 2013:

The Summit is also sponsoring a Challenge to highlight “data visualizations, tools, mashups, meshups, and all types of use cases for Linked Open Data in libraries, archives, and museums.” (You can view Rachel Frick of DLF discussing the Challenge). The first heat is currently underway and projects have until December 1 to submit their project. The second heat runs from February 1, 2013 to May 1, 2013. We encourage interested METRO members and member institutions to take part. METRO is also looking to organize a team if there are individuals in the NYC LAM community interested in taking part in a group submission (if interested, email jbailey@metro.org).

The LODLAM Summit 2013 may still be a ways away, but there are other recent LOD-LAM developments. The NISO journal Information Standards Quarterly just published an issue devoted entirely to LOD-LAM guest edited by Corey Harper from NYU Libraries. (Articles are available as individual downloads or you can grab the entire issue.) The issue is full of great articles including an overview/history of the LOD-LAM movement, an article on the linked data initiatives of the UK’s Archives Hub project, and pieces describing work being done by OCLC and the Library of Congress to further open data in libraries. 

One particularly interesting article by Seth van Hooland, Ruben Verborgh, and Rik Van deWalle is a case study detailing their use of Google Refine to remediate and bring into the linked data cloud a large-scale linked data set built off NYC’s Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum’s collection metadata. Cooper-Hewitt recently released this data set on GitHub (see the Cooper Hewitt Labs blog for great posts both about releasing the data and about working with researchers using it).

LOD-LAM sessions have also been featured at a number of recent conferences, including the Society of American Archivists (SAA) meeting (view Corey Harper's slide deck) and at Rare Book School (page with audio and slides). In addition, Jon Voss was also the keynote speaker at the recent SAA conference and his stirring talk on open data and cultural heritage is embedded below:

In other open data goings-on, there was exciting news recently that Europena, the digital library of over 2200 of Europe’s cultural heritage institutions, released 20 million (yes, million) items as open data for free re-use under a CC0 license. The announcement and Guardian article tell the story. For the record, Europeana's collection reached 20 million items in late 2011 and the following image was item #20,000,000 (online record & blog post):


Europeana also produced a useful short video explaining Linked Open Data:

Relatedly, OCLC also has a video discussing Linked Data specifically in libraries:

As more cultural institutions release their data into the linked data cloud and as patrons and collection stewards alike undertake innovative new uses of linked data, the LOD-LAM movement will only continue to expand, creating new opportunities for sharing and collaboration. 

As always, you can follow all the LOD-LAM news at lodlam.net. We hope to see you in Montreal next summer!

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