Library Marketing Workshop at METRO, Nov 5th

If you are involved in any public programming, outreach, or patron communications at your library, then you probably also take part in some form of marketing or public relations.  Many of us do.  However, business skills such as marketing and branding are not always taught in library school.  Maybe these duties are not even included in our job descriptions.  But the fact is, without effective marketing and communication, the library is not reaching its full potential audience.  

Join us on Monday, November 5th as Kathy Dempsey, author of the book "The Accidental Library Marketer," leads a new METRO workshop on marketing basics for librarians.  Participants will learn how to target specific markets, how to use basic tools for effective marketing, and much more.

What Accidental Library Marketers Need to Know
Monday, Nov 5 - 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
If you find yourself doing PR, promotion, or marketing as part of your job, but you never formally learned how, then you are an "accidental marketer" -- and you're not alone!  Hear the basic tenets you never had a chance to learn as well as advanced tactics.  Get the real reasons why many patrons don't attend programs and why the media doesn't always cover your events.  Learn what "true marketing" is and why it can make your hard work pay off more often.

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