Library Journal Honors Ten New York Librarians with "Mover & Shaker" Recognition




Congratulations to our New York colleagues who were recently recognized by Library Journal in their annual Movers and Shakers series.  We'll let LJ speak for the program themselves: 

"For ten years now, LJ's Movers & Shakers has been spotlighting librarians and others in the library field who are doing extraordinary work to serve their users and to move libraries of all types and library services forward. They hail from all corners of the library world and several nations. Nominated by their colleagues, friends, bosses, and just plain admirers, they are just the tip of the iceberg."

Congratulations to these and all the other unsung Movers and Shakers out there! 

Davis Erin Anderson, Music Rental and Licensing Librarian at Boosey & Hawkes Inc

Andy Austin, Library Technologies Specialist at Genesee Valley School Library System

Carrie Banks, Supervising Librarian at Child’s Place for Children with Special Needs, Brooklyn Public Library

Emily Clasper, System Operations and Training Manager at Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Melissa Jadlos, Library Director at Lavery Library, St. John Fisher College

Mandy Henk, Betsy Fagin, Michael Oman-Reagan, Occupy Wall Street Library

Raymond Pun, Periodicals Librarian at New York Public Library 

And myMETRO memberChristian Zabriskie, Founder & CEO of Urban Librarians Unite and Assistant Coordinator, Young Adult Services at Queens Library