Library Advocates Help Restore Library Funding

Congratulations to library advocates for their recent efforts to restore funding to libraries. Here's the 2011 budget synopsis, as reported on the NYLA website:
The Governor proposed a 10% or $8.4 million cut in Library Aid, which would have reduced funding to $76 million or below 1994 levels. The 10% cut was in comparison to a 7.3% cut in School Aid and a 2% cut in Municipal Aid.

The Senate proosed a $4.2 million restoration in Library Aid and the Assembly proposed no restoration. The Senate was only able to get the Assembly to agree to a $3 million Library Aid restoration. In the end, Library Aid was reduced by 6%, or $5.4 million, leaving $79 million left intact.

The Governor's proposal to make permanent the supplemental system aid and the Education Commissioner's ability to grant waivers from local maintenance of effort requirements was accepted by the Legislature.

In addition, the Legislature not only rejected the merger of School Library Materials Aid with Textbook and Computer Software Aid, but also allowed these two categorical aids to be used to purchase Library Materials.
Jason Kucsma
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