July 5 Deadline Approaching for Next Cohort of Information and Knowledge Strategy Program


Members of the METRO community who are interested in advancing their careers as knowledge leaders and executives may be interested in applying to Columbia University's Master of Science program in Information and Knowledge Strategy. The program is a sixteen-month online program with three short residencies. The deadline for applications for the Fall 2012 semester is July 5, 2012. Read on for additional information or download the information brochure here


Columbia’s unique graduate program enables students to take advantage of extensive benefits delivered through an online experience. Collaboration, learning support, and accelerated innovation are common elements of the state-of-the-art platform that combines exceptional content delivery with a highly developed social media framework. The online experience enhances engagement, both for students among themselves and in their interactions with program faculty and the Columbia University community. It is balanced with three five-day residencies during which students, faculty, and industry leaders establish long-lasting relationships. 

Learning to Lead with Knowledge

 Columbia University’s Information and Knowledge Strategy program addresses the one issue that increasingly challenges business and enterprise leaders: the management of intellectual capital. How well the company’s information and knowledge are managed impacts – at every organizational level – the company’s success, a fact well understood by management executives. In any company or organization, information and knowledge are developed on an on-going basis and, ideally, put to use for organizational effectiveness. Yet knowledge development and sharing are not often subject to the monitoring and innovation they require. The continuous development and adoption of new technology transforms the role of knowledge workers, and the speed with which change is required – for all types of change – creates a range of issues that information and knowledge strategists must confront, to assure the success of their organization. Achieving strategic change for enterprise-wide information and knowledge management requires an organization to have a clear knowledge vision. Columbia’s M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy program delivers the knowledge strategists companies need to do the job.