Introducing Dorothy Howard, METRO's Wikipedian-in-Residence and Open Data Fellow

METRO is pleased to welcome Dorothy Howard, our Wikipedian-in-Residence and Open Data Fellow.


In the coming weeks, Dorothy will be working to assist METRO-member institutions to utilize Wikipedia and other open data initiatives to support their overall institutional mission by enhancing use of, and access to, their collections. Wikipedia and other open data efforts offer opportunities to increase resource sharing among cultural heritage professionals and the public through collaborative content building. Open access projects are a win/win for libraries, archives, and museums and the public, as they increase traffic to cultural institutions and help researchers accelerate searches.

In Dorothy’s time at METRO, she will work with METRO member organizations to help them enhance their use of Wikipedia and open data tools through consultations, training, by helping create content and put data online, and in other collaborations. She is hopeful that Wikipedia and open data initiatives will become a regular part of libraries, archives, and museums, just as platforms like Twitter and Flickr have been embraced.

In her time here at METRO, Dorothy will work to foster a more rewarding and long-standing relationships with METRO membership and the NYC Wiki community. Please contact Dorothy at or by phone at 212.228.2320 x127 if you’d like to talk or meet with her to discuss how she can assist your organization. To gain a better sense of how she can assist METRO members, please also please fill out this brief questionnaire.


About Dorothy

Dorothy grew up in the Seattle area and was a History major at Reed College in Portland, OR. She studied European historiography and also the Early-Modern era, researched early libraries, encyclopedias, mapmaking, and print publishing, and wrote a senior thesis on some of the first modernist war photo-books published after the First World War. Dorothy’s penchant for research has developed into a passion for projects that make primary source documents available to the public. In internships at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Yale Union Contemporary Art Center, as well as in work at the Reed library, she has worked on numerous bibliographic research, digitization and archival projects.

Contact Dorothy at