IFLA to Host Free Webinar for New Librarians on July 17th

On Tuesday, July 17th, IFLA and ALA will present an online webinar that explores useful topics to help new professionals at various stages of their careers.  

“New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations” is a series of free quarterly webinars on issues of interest to new librarians, models of library associations and library schools working with new professionals, and groups by and for librarians.  The free webinars are presented by IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group in partnership with ALA.

Learn more and register at http://www.ifla.org/en/events/webinar-new-librarians-global-connection-best-practices-models-and-recommendations-cpdwl-and-0.

Please contact Loida Garcia-Febo at loidagarciafebo@gmail.com with any questions.