IFLA Releases "Principles for Library eLending"

In response to growing demand for downloadable resources at libraries, the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) released on February 8, 2013 a set of principles intended to "guide library professionals as they grapple with the complicated process of negotiating eBook licenses with publishers and resellers." Entitled Principles for Library eLending, this policy document is "based on the assumption that it is necessary for libraries and publishers/authors to negotiate a range of reasonable terms and conditions." These guidelines arise out of IFLA's previous research on eBooks in libraries.

In addition to their new policy document, IFLA released an independent analysis of the position libraries occupy within an increasingly digital world. Libraries, e-Lending and the Future of Public Access to Digital Content was prepared by Civic Agenda, a U.K.-based consultancy. This paper was provided to librarians and publishers taking part in IFLA's meeting in November 2012 in order to engender dialogue on the subject of eBooks and eLending.

According to a recent press release:

IFLA is pleased to launch a new set of resources relating to eBooks and libraries. Providing access to eBooks is one of the most pressing issues facing libraries right now. Public libraries, in particular, are dealing with implications of rapidly changing business and access models. IFLA has previously issued a background paper on eLending during 2012, and is now building on this paper to launch a new official policy document 'IFLA Principles for Library eLending' which was endorsed by the Governing Board in February 2013.

...The plan is to build on these resources during 2013 and expand the amount of information available. The Principles will be discussed at the Management of Libraries Associations Seminar on eBooks in Libraries on February 21st 2013 in London.

These assets—along with IFLA's background paper on eLending—are available for download on IFLA's website.