Help METRO Establish a Usability SIG

METRO's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed on an as-needed basis around topics of immediate relevance to our membership. Led by subject experts in the field, SIGs help our members get to know one another while delving into a subjects of common interest.

We're currently investigating creating a SIG focused on user experience in libraries and archives, both as a space and with regard to their online presence. Here's a brief description of this SIG from co-conveners Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas:

If you are interested in the usability and user experience (both web and non-web) of libraries, the Usability and User Experience SIG is for you! Support our SIG for opportunities to collaborate on user experience projects, share ideas and resources, and to give and receive support and advice.

Please consider supporting the formation of the Usability SIG by signing this petition. If you'd like to participate, please indicate that on the petition as well. Thank you!