Governor Cuomo's Proposed Budget Eliminates Necessary Library Funding

Governor Cuomo's budget proposal for the 2014-2015 fiscal year eliminates $4,000,000 in Library Aid for New York State. According to the governor’s proposal, critical funding for library services will drop from the $85.6M in last year’s appropriations to $81.6M for 2014-2015.

This is a 4.7% cut in Library Aid for the coming fiscal year.

The state's Library Aid benefits New Yorkers by providing necessary funding for public and school library services like resource sharing, continuing education, Internet access, and library resources for patrons with special needs.

The governor submitted a similar figure in last year’s budget proposal, and the state legislature responded by allocating an additional $4M to fund Library Aid. The New York Library Association and the NY 3Rs Association, Inc. (of which METRO is a member) encourage librarians, archivists, and their friends to ask Governor Cuomo to reinstate this essential funding.

How you can help

Fortunately, the proposed budget is not yet finalized, but now is the time to act! The governor’s budget can be amended through February 20, 2014.

NYLA has created a quick and easy petition where library supporters can ask the governor to match last year’s funding - if not provide an increase.

Join NYLA for the annual Library Advocacy Day in Albany on February 26, 2014.

Post NYLA’s petition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any of your other social media profiles. Spread the word! New York’s libraries need you!