Get Your Personal Site In Order With WordPress

Creative Commons-licensed image via dawvon on flickr.

Whether you are currently employed or looking for work, it is important to market yourself in a way that is visible to a growing number of organizations - on the web.  Join us on Friday, September 14th for an introduction to WordPress, a popular blogging platform that you can use to create and manage your entire personal website.  Share your skills and experience with potential employers, or share photos with family members - with WordPress you can get the job done and instructor Nicole Engard will show you how.

"Introduction to WordPress for Personal Site Design"

More and more of us are trying to create websites to promote ourselves or share our lives with others.  Many of us turn to powerful content management systems and then find that we have taken on more than we can handle.  WordPress has gotten a reputation as a blogging platform, but many are using it for entire websites.  This workshop will walk you through the basics of using WordPress as a content management system for your entire website.  Attendees will get hands-on experience that they can take back to their homes or offices to help redesign their websites.

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