Learn RDA With Resources from METRO and the NY 3Rs Association

METRO and the NY 3Rs association have both announced resources to aid in the transition to RDA, a new cataloging standard adopted on March 31, 2013.

From Wednesday, July 24 through Friday, July 26, METRO will host a workshop on RDA: Fundamentals to Implementation with Rebecca Guenther. Registration is required.

Meanwhile, the NY 3Rs Association will provide a free trial of RDA Toolkit through July 26. An announcement from NY 3Rs follows:

Interested in trying RDA Toolkit before subscribing? The NY 3Rs Association, Inc. is offering a non-binding trial of our consortial subscription of RDA Toolkit between now and July 26th, 2013! Just send an email to admin@ny3rs.org with your name and your institution's name to receive instructions for joining the trial.

The NY 3Rs subscription to RDA Toolkit offers a discount of at least 12% for any participating library in New York State. More participating libraries will lead to deeper discounts for all.

Between now and July 26th, your institution can try RDA Toolkit before committing to the NY 3Rs subscription. Simply email admin@ny3rs.org to opt out by July 26th .

The NY 3Rs subscription to RDA Toolkit will be from August 1st, 2013 to July 31st, 2014. Institutions will be billed by their local council. Read more about the offer here.

If your institution already has a subscription to RDA Toolkit, you can still join the NY 3Rs subscription and benefit from the consortia discount. When your subscription expires, your institution may join the NY 3Rs subscription and pay the pro-rated discounted price until July 31st, 2013. Please fill out this form and you will be contacted by the NY 3Rs Coordinator with more information.

As you use the RDA Toolkit trial, you may take notice of the following highlights and give them a try:

- RDA instructions that are searchable and browseable
- Table of contents and index that are searchable AACR2 Rule Number Search of RDA instructions
- Workflows, mappings: tools to customize the RDA instruction set to support organizational training and processes
- Two views of RDA content: by table of contents and by element set
- Full text of AACR2 LCPS (Library of Congress Policy Statements)

You can see tutorial videos for RDA Toolkit here.