Follow Along with METRO As We Move to Manhattan's West Side

By now you may have heard that METRO is packing up and moving to Manhattan's west side this fall. While we have loved working Union Square, the time has come to create a space that meets today's needs of METRO and our member community.

As we re-envision the way METRO interfaces with the world, we have also opted to move to a new newsletter provider. We hope you will sign up via the form below to keep in touch with us. Among other features, we will share the story of our transformation this fall.

Our newsletter has long been the primary conduit through which we share big news out of METRO, as well as our upcoming workshops, meetings, tours, and other social events. We will continue to send out two newsletters per month (but only when we have actual news to share), and we look forward to keeping in touch with you during this exciting time when METRO is charting its future.


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