Attend the Final Run of Our Digital Privacy Workshops

If you've missed out on the excellent Digital Privacy workshops so far, be sure to register for our final two sessions later this month. Our Data Privacy team is venturing out to Midtown and Long Island City to bring you the latest info about protecting your content online -- a super important topic for our increasingly digital society.

Part of our mission to make sure your end users are protected, too. Our facilitators will share content that is easily repurpose-able for your own events. "Understanding just how complicated digital privacy is helps us better explain to patrons how to protect their digital privacy," said Brian Hasbrouck, Librarian at Brooklyn Public Library's Red Hook branch. "It's been one of the most practical and useful trainings I've received as a new librarian." 

These sessions demonstrate activites that are perfect for learners of all leavels. “I attended the two excellent privacy workshops this week and am so excited to get something together for us here at CUNY this fall," said Jennifer Poggiali, Instructional Technologies Librarian at Lehman College. "Both sessions were fantastic models for how this content could be taught to a variety of audiences. I could see versions being offered as workshops for faculty, undergrads, and grads.” 

We hope to see you at NYPL on Wednesday, October 19, and Long Island City on Thursday, October 20! Register for each session you'd like to attend:
If you have any questions, contact Davis Erin Anderson at deanderson [at] metro [dot] org, or Melissa Morrone at mmorrone [at] bklynlibrary [dot] org.