Empire State Digital Network to Link New York's Cultural Heritage Institutions to Digital Public Library of America

METRO is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). In collaboration with its sister NY 3Rs organizations, METRO will lead the Empire State Digital Network, one of three new DPLA service hubs.

ESDN_horizontal.jpgDPLA's service hubs are administered by state or regional digital services agencies that aggregate information about digital objects from libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions within their given state or region. In its capacity as a service hub, the Empire State Digital Network will provide the necessary personnel and technological infrastructure needed to contribute digital resources to the Digital Public Library of America.

"Service hubs are a critical part of DPLA's networked model, which relies on collaboration across the country," said Dan Cohen, DPLA's executive director, in a press release from the DPLA. "Adding these terrific partners in three large states means that model will accelerate, bringing ever more of America's collections to the world. We are lucky to have Empire State Digital Network, the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center, and the Portal to Texas History join us in our mission."

"METRO is thrilled to work with our partners in the NY 3Rs Association to help share New York State's rich digital cultural heritage with the DPLA," said Jason Kucsma, METRO's Executive Director. "In the coming year, we expect to contribute more than one million digital resources from our diverse memberships, and that's just the beginning."


About Metropolitan New York Library Council

The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is a non-profit organization working to develop and maintain essential library services throughout New York City and Westchester County. As the largest reference and research resources (3Rs) library council in New York State, METRO provides support to its members through grant opportunities, resource sharing initiatives, continuing education, digital services, and more.


About the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

The Digital Public Library of America strives to contain the full breadth of human expression, from the written word, to works of art and culture, to records of America’s heritage, to the efforts and data of science. Since launching in April 2013, it has aggregated over 5 million items from over 1,000 institutions. The DPLA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.