Disaster Recovery Resources


METRO hopes that all those in areas hit by Sandy are safe and sound. If you haven't already, please let us know how your institution has been impacted

In the event your institution was in any way effected by the storm, here is a quick list of disaster resources you can consult for guidance on potential disaster recovery funding as well as treatment and preservation of damaged collections. Feel free to add any additional resources in the comments.

Stay safe everyone!

Disaster Assistance Hotlines:

New York State Archives: 518-474-6926

NEDCC: 978-470-1010

AIC-CERT: 202-661-8068

LYRASIS: 800-999-8558

Resource Pages:

New York State Archives Disaster Assistance 

Library of Congress Respose and Recovery page 

NARA Records Emergency Information (with specific info for Cultural and Heritage Institutions)

ALA Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Page

LYRASIS Disaster Response and Recovery Page

CCAHA Mid-Atlantic Emergency Resource Guide

Heritage Preservation Resources for Response and Recover & Emergency National Task Force Page

Conservation Online Disaster Preparedness and Response

New York Alliance for Response

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions is compiling a list of formate specific resources at their home page.

Grants & Funding:

SAA National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives 

MARAC Disaster Assistance Fund.

FEMA (2005) Before and After Disasters: Federal Funding for Cultural Institutions [PDF] details many federal disaster recovery grant opportunities

American Association of School Librarians offer the Beyond Words diaster recovery grant