Digital Public Library of America Takes Next Step to Identify Content Contributors

METRO members who manage collaborative digitization programs and projects are encouraged to consider taking a short survey to assist the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) in identifying potential content contributors. The goal of the survey is to gather information about organizations or groups of institutions that collaborate to digitize and/or store and provide access to their digitized collections. 

Please see below for more information. Also please note they are requesting a quick turnaround!

The Digital Public Library of America seeks to build a national digital library where the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity is available, free of charge, to all. The DPLA’s primary focus is on making available materials from the United States. By adhering to the fundamental principle of free and universal access to knowledge, it will promote education in the broadest sense of the term. That is, it will function as an online library for students of all ages, from grades K-12 to postdoctoral researchers and anyone seeking self-instruction; it will be a deep resource for community colleges, vocational schools, colleges, universities, and adult education programs; it will supplement the services of public libraries in every corner of the country; and it will satisfy other needs as well—the need for data related to employment, for practical information of all kinds, and for enrichment in the use of leisure.  For more on the DPLA, visit

With the initial launch of the DPLA slated for April 2013, we are looking to identify potential content contributors.  We realize that there are many state, regional, and genre based collaborative digital libraries already in existence who have aggregated data that they may be willing to contribute.  To help us learn more about your collections, we have designed a survey targeting those who manage collaborative digitization programs/projects.  The survey is available at Please complete this short survey as soon as possible, as we would like to analyze the results by Friday, May 25th.  If you have any questions as you complete the survey, please feel free to email me at


Emily Gore, on behalf of the DPLA Content & Scope and Technical Workstreams