Digital Dilemmas Symposium Searches the Future of Digital Practice

Digital Dilemmas Digital Dilemmas Symposium Searches the Future of Digital Practices

New technologies have quickened the pace of societal change, and Digital Dilemmas — a day-long symposium hosted by the Metropolitan New York Library Council on April 16, 2009 — addressed some of the ways libraries might benefit from this changing landscape and deal with the challenges therein.

Digital Dilemmas assembled leading thinkers in digital information management and digital scholarship fields: Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Information; Evan Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Portico; Roger Schonfeld, Research Manager, Ithaka; Patricia Aufderheide, Director, Center for Social Media, American University; and Dan Cohen, Director, Center for History and New Media, George Mason University.

The diverse perspectives of the speakers reinforced the notion that libraries are part of a larger ecosystem of digital information management that includes publishers, scholars, students, and almost any individual or institution creating and using information in a digital environment. As part of that ecosystem, libraries may look to other institutions wrestling with similar digital information management and delivery challenges. The group looked at some of these challenges facing libraries and other types of cultural heritage institutions, and many of the presentations and discussions with the audience focused on the wide range of opportunities, tools, and best practice models used in areas other than libraries which might be used to best satisfy our communities' information needs.

Post-symposium resources -- including a short summary, slides from presentations, the day's agenda, and photos from the event -- are all available on the Digital Dilemmas Symposium page

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