Designing LibGuides for Your Users

There's more to designing a LibGuide than is immediately evident, as Antonio DeRosa demonstrated to participants of Anatomy of a LibGuide: An Inside Look on April 10, 2014. As a Reference Librarian at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Antonio designs guides for mobile resources, technology training, resident programs, and more. 
Antonio's session provided too many great tips to cover in full, but we've identified a few tidbits that may be helpful in beautifying your LibGuide(s):
1. Posting slide decks: presentations can be displayed within LibGuides by capturing embed code from decks uploaded to SlideShare (for example). Drop the code in full into an Embedded Media/Widget Box for best results. 
2. Creating tabs within boxes: SpringShare provides all sorts of useful code, including code to build tabs within a Rich Text box. Include the code provided into the plain text section, and replace content as desired. 
3. Adding widgets for your library databases: EBSCO, for example, helps you build a widget for the database most appropriate to your guide. The embed code should be inserted into the plain text tab of the Rich Text box - and of course multiple widgets can be added for comprehensive guidance.
If you have a LibGuide that you are especially proud of, let us know! If it is publicly acecessible, we'll share your most useful resources in a future article on METRO's website.