Book Talk with NPR Librarian Kee Malesky: Video Now Available

On Monday, October 15, METRO welcomed NPR Librarian Kee Malesky for an afternoon salon with myMETRO members and an evening book talk featuring her tome, Learn Something New Everyday: 365 Facts to Fulflll Your Life, sponsored in part by SLA NY.

Malesky provided insider information into a day in the life of an information professional at NPR, clarifying the structure under which public radio operates; what most of us consider "NPR" is a system of local affiliate member stations that host programming by National Public Radio, as well as Public Radio International and independent producers. As a result, the answer to one of the FAQs lobbied at Malesky - whether she is the personal librarian of Garrison Keillor - is no, but she does provide library services for Scott Simon and Sylvia Poggioli, among many others. 

As one of a team of librarians embedded within groups of reporters on the newsroom floor, one of Malesky's tasks includes ensuring the proper pronunciation of names and places around the world. Given regional dialect and conflicting reports from locals, this is no easy task. One bit of wisdom imparted by Malesky, who often needs to be fast on her feet when checking facts, is to locate the expert who carefully attends to the information in question. Quite often there is a person or a group that cares deeply about that fact - and without exception they are thrilled to be contacted by someone from NPR.

Malesky captivated METRO and SLA NY community members with readings from her book, which features entertaining and often amusing facts for each and every day of the calendar year (and yes, the book does feature a fact for February 29).Engaging the audience with tales central to New York City and surrounding areas, Malesky read excerpts from her book on the New Jersey Turnpike, the advent of the ticker tape parade, and delays at JFK caused by turtles. 

Learn more about Malesky's work at NPR and to hear excerpts from Learn Something New Every Day in this recording of her recent talk at METRO: 

Book Talk with NPR Librarian, Kee Malesky from METRO on Vimeo.