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After 17 years at the New York Public Library, Heike C. Kordish has retired from her current position as the Director of the Humanities & Social Sciences Library at NYPL. Says Kordish, "I've had a challenging and highly rewarding career in the NYPL Research Libraries, developing programmatic capacity and services in digital programs, systems, staff development, collections, fee-based services, public programming and lastly, as Director of the HSSL."

"My retirement plans include travel, spending more time with good friends at our place in Maine, and deep engagement with METRO's strategic planning and Board development activities," adds Kordish.

METRO congratulates our esteemed Board President on her retirement.

METRO Board V.P. Joins Cisco Systems

Under Jacknis' leadership, Westchester County has won numerous awards and widespread recognition for its information technology systems. Please join us in extending hearty congratulations to Norman Jacknis as he embarks upon this exciting new adventure.After 10 years as Westchester County's highly respected Chief Information Officer, METRO Board of Trustees Vice President Norman J. Jacknis is leaving his post as CIO to become a technology advisor for Cisco Systems. There, he will be joining a strategic consulting unit that helps CEOs and public officials learn to use technology in more innovative ways. "This is an opportunity to take what I've been doing in Westchester to a worldwide stage," says Jacknis.


Former METRO Board Member Barbra Buckner Higginbotham Retires from Brooklyn College

Dr. Higginbotham plans to begin a new book on museum conservation and to spend more time in the UK where she and her husband also have a home. Dr. Higginbotham was a longstanding and much valued member of METRO's Board of Trustees, having served in this capacity from 1993 to 2003. We wish Dr. Higginbotham the best in her forthcoming pursuits.Following a 22-year career at Brooklyn College, Barbra Buckner Higginbotham has recently retired as Chief Librarian and Executive Director for Academic Information Technologies. During her tenure, the College built a new, 300,000 square foot library and technology center, as well as the Library Café, a student Internet café. She also provided significant leadership for teaching and learning with technology.

Following Dr. Higginbotham's retirement, Professor Stephanie Walker will serve as Acting Chief Librarian and Executive Director of Academic Information Technologies at the Brooklyn College Library. Professor Walker joined the Brooklyn College faculty in 2006. Before that, she served as Manager of Collections for the library of the Harvard Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health. While Professor Walker assumes this new role, Professor Mariana Regalado will serve as the college's Acting Associate Librarian for Information Services.

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