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Professional journals do a fine job of reporting on library-related technology, but it’s also advantageous to keep an eye on the “big picture” of broader technological trends. That’s because many of these trends will ultimately affect library technology and reshape our customers’ needs and expectations of library services.

But given the avalanche of new technological tools and products, librarians may find it a challenge to keep up with the latest developments.

The three blogs below provide a good starting point for librarians seeking to stay current with the ever-shifting technological landscape. These blogs are updated regularly and in most cases feature short, informative posts.

Features reviews and information on the gadgets your customers may be using as well as technologies you may wish to consider for use in the library.

Covers current developments in social networking.

Profiles new Internet products and companies, along with cultural and commercial technology-related trends of interest.

In future issues, we’ll continue reporting on blogs of value to the library community. We’d like to hear about any library-related blogs you think highly of. This includes blogs focused on library issue and blogs featuring other types of resources that would be of use to librarians. Email your suggestions to:

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