Apply to Speak at METRO's 2016 Conference: Proposals Due in 2 Weeks

by Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO

October 15 is a milestone in so many ways. Most important for our 2016 Annual Conference, though, it's the due date for proposals to present  your latest projects at our 2016 Annual Conference!

We love to hear updates from all across our membership. In conferences past we have heard tales of:

  • creating DIY catalogs in archives
  • creating online interfaces for readers' advisory
  • taking small steps to adding linked open data to archival records
  • bringing shared digital forensics services to libraries and archives
  • moving a journal to an open access model
  • starting up collaborative models for web archiving
  • et cetera*

If you're game to present at our conference, please apply! Submissions are due by midnight on the 15th. 

Here's the timeline for planning this event:

  • Thursday, October 15: Project briefing proposals due
  • Friday, October 30: Presenters notified
  • Tuesday, November 17: Conference schedule announced
  • Tuesday, December 1: Conference registration opens
  • Thursday, January 21, 2016: METRO's 2016 Annual Conference!

Questions? Email me at deanderson [at] metro [dot] org. Thanks!


*For specific projects, check out our schedule for our 2014 conference and our 2015 conference

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