An Update on METROÂ’s Strategic Planning Process

An Update on METRO’s Strategic Planning Process

In the summer of 2007, METRO’s Board of Trustees launched a strategic planning initiative to guide us through the coming decade. This process will allow us to meet our members’ diverse needs while building a strong foundation for METRO’s future during a time of immense change in the world of library and information services.

The consulting firm of Anthony Knerr & Associates (AKA) is ushering us through this multifaceted process. AKA is a respected consulting firm that specializes in institutional positioning and strategic transformation of nonprofit organizations.

The next step in the data-collection process will be a member survey conducted by telephone. (METRO Executive Director Dottie Hiebing will contact the directors of member libraries soon with details on the phone survey, which is slated to start in May.) Other research conducted for the strategic plan has included interviews with METRO’s Board and staff, and discussions with informed observers at the regional and national levels within and beyond the library services sector.

To get a broad yet focused sense of how best to conceptualize METRO’s future, we have also formed a Professional Planning Group of library professionals from METRO member libraries and other institutions. This group will be a sounding board for the research findings and strategic plan as it evolves over time. A Strategic Planning Committee comprised of METRO’s Board and staff is overseeing the process as a whole.

“This strategic planning process is a welcome opportunity to explore exciting new possibilities for serving our members,” says Dottie Hiebing. “We’ve learned a lot about what librarians and others think about the future of libraries and library consortia, and we’re eager to hear from our members about some of the innovative ideas we’re contemplating for the future.”

The strategic planning process concludes in early fall, and METRO’s Strategic Plan will be published shortly thereafter. A new page detailing the strategic planning process is coming to METRO’s website soon, and we’ll continue to update that page as this exciting process continues to unfold.

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