Survey Confirms Library Borrowers Also Buy Books

Members of the METRO Community may be interested in the results of a new survey conducted by ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) in partnership with ebook distributor OverDrive. Over 75,000 patrons from public libraries with OverDrive-powered websites responded to the survey, making it one of the largest conducted so far. The main findings confirm that the vast majority public library borrowers also purchase books at retail.

Findings include: 

 - 53% said they visit the physical branch of the library and also download ebooks from the library remotely; another 31% said they download ebooks remotely but rarely visit the physical branch

 - On average respondents visit the physical library 2.4 times per month, and visit the library website 6.9 times per month

 - Over 60% of respondents said their library ebook borrowing has increased over past 6 months

 - The vast majority (approximately 95%) also purchase books at retail. On average they purchase 1 physical book and 2.2 digital books per month

 - 53% said they would consider purchasing an ebook from an online retailer if it was currently unavailable via the library

 - 35% said they have purchased a physical or ebook after borrowing it from the library 

For more information please see the press release from OverDrive.

A complete copy of survey results can be found here: