A Message from the Director

DirectorLetter.jpgTo The METRO Community:

At this year’s Annual Meeting in October, it was my honor to be officially appointed Executive Director of METRO. Having been active in libraries, media, and non-profit sectors for more than a decade, I am thrilled for the opportunity to help guide METRO into its next exciting phase.  
Like many of our members, METRO has done its best to weather the difficult economic climate over the past years. Thanks to the strong leadership of my predecessor and our Board of Trustees, I am fortunate to be stepping in to lead an organization that is on solid footing, and primed for continued growth. Consider:
  • METRO’s membership is strong, with over 250 institutional members, representing a community of more than 8,000 individual librarians, archivists, and information professionals.  
  • During 2011, we have successfully offered more than 75 workshops and special events and more than 30 Special Interest Group meetings.
  • Our reach has never been so great, with a new website supporting over 100,000 visitors and half-a-million page views, and a coordinated communication and outreach platform to keep our community members well-informed.
While our overall state of operations at METRO is sound, I know that standing still is not a viable option. Our profession is undergoing a fundamental metamorphosis, and we can either lead or follow in these disruptive times; I prefer to do the former.
To that end, I am committed to expanding METRO’s knowledge base and investigation into emerging service areas which seize on technological advances that transform and uphold our members’ commitments to providing critical access to information resources.  Our sights are set on digital preservation, the constantly shifting eBook terrain, and resource sharing, to name a few. Major initiatives we are considering include:
  • Proactive investment into the metro.orgwebsite to leverage it as a go-to resource for industry news, best practices, community building, career development resources, and more
  • Expanding METRO’s leadership to include representation and support from critical non-profit and for-profit sectors
  • Cross-pollination of our members’ expertise with allied communities of experts dealing with similar challenges and opportunities in an increasingly digital world
  • Implementing METRO “outposts” to host workshops and special events throughout the five boroughs and Westchester County
  • Building new services that complement METRO’s current offerings to help our members thrive during an era of rapid change  
With the new year upon us, now is an opportune time for all of us to strategize for success in 2012 and beyond. I have spent the past few months getting up-to-speed on my new responsibilities, and am looking forward to settling in here to do good work for our members in the coming years.  For me, that starts with working closely with you to ensure that METRO continues to play a vital supporting role for each of our member institutions.
In the coming year, I look forward to continued work with familiar colleagues and building new relationships with those of you I have yet to meet.
Happy holidays & best wishes,
Jason Kucsma
Executive Director
December 23, 2011